GRV Spintex

Quality is not act. It is a habit.

Quality and timely delivery remains the veritable password of the company.

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GRV spintex pvt ltd is one of the best spinning mill in GUJARAT and it is known for QUALITY. Basically we are ginners so we know the cotton and its parameters and that’s why we can give best quality of yarns.

While GRV spintex pvt ltd is a relatively young company in terms of textile firms, the management team of GRV spintex pvt ltd has many years of experience in the yarn manufacturing field.

GRV has worked very hard in putting together a team of managers, engineers, technicians, sales people, and production associates to lead GRV in the 21st century. And while each individual contributor has a distinct and different role within the company, it takes everyone at GRV working together for the company to achieve maximum success.


We believe that quality products are not only by promises but also by proven results. Development of new textile products is done through – Innovation in defining production processes of higher quality and making available modern technologies and professionals with the highest level of competence.

Why us :

  • High Efficiency
  • The Most Competitive & Reasonable Price
  • Products Quality Guarantee
  • Prompt & Superior Service
  • Punctual Delivery

Product range :

Our products are of high Quality with contamination at the minimum level and hence we are able to satisfy a cross-section of customers with variety of endless uses. All Yarns are auto coned, electronically cleared and spliced.

Our product range contains counts from 24s to 40s for both knitting and weaving applications


We believe in QUALITY and service and that’s why we put only RIETER machinery in our firm. We put RIETER from blowroom to ringframe. Because we know the importance of quality in life. We also put simplex from ELECTRO-JET and winder from SCHLAFHORST.



Quality and timely delivery remains the veritable password of the company. Everything the company has achieved and continues to build today is derived from its commitment to quality and its endeavour to bring all processes of production integrated under its ambit.



"Elegance", 150ft. Ring Road,
Nr. Bengal's Sweet, Indira Circle,
Rajkot (Guj.)


Sarve No. 173, Sanosara village,
Rajkot to jamnagar road, Tal. Dhrol,
Dist. JAMNAGAR (Guj.)

+91 281 2577811

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